Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cardly Fans, 5 Great Children's Birthday Ideas.

Dear Fans

Do you know a child having a birthday soon? Why not throw some of these ideas at them and see what they think…

1. Batman Party – Advise costumes but not essential. You should be able to buy the essentials from your local celebration store.

2. Amazing Race – Why not head down to your nearest park and set up a short circuit for all to join in. You can make teams and add a little competition to the day. Head somewhere to eat afterwards and the day will be a great success. Hopefully all the kids will be tired at the end of that and you can relax.

3. Cupcake Party – Why not acquire some lovely ingredients for making cupcakes. Then decorate your home in cupcake decorations before inviting all your children’s friends around for some active baking. Be sure to invite their parents for some assistance in overlooking the kids while they enjoy baking cupcakes.

4. Crocodile Hunter Party – The famous crocodile hunter is a great inspiration for kids and they will have a great time in attempting to re-enact his shows with fake croc’s. Maybe even watch a few Croc video’s to keep the children quiet for a short while. They can dress, as croc’s also, if they wish.

5. Cheetah Girls Party - Why not gather some face paints and animal print décor (balloons/banners) and have a cheetah theme for the lovely girls. They will love to be cheetahs for the day and maybe even make the food with the same theme.

Oh and don’t forget the beautiful greeting cards here.

Many Wishes & Many Celebrations

The Cardly Team

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