Thursday, 13 October 2011


Do you know anyone having a birthday soon? Why not throw some of these amazingly innovative ideas at them and see what they think…

1. Medieval Party – Find yourself a large old cooking pot and mix up a lovely medieval broth. Get some goblets for the party to drink from. If possible make some wire salad bowls with cobs and rolls inside for the table. Find yourself a barbarian/warrior outfit and let party members know the dress code. You will have a really fun time and can even throw in some medieval slang if you know any hint, hint.

2. Magical Party – Why not hire an illusionist as a surprise for a loved one’s birthday. Have some caricatures of them doing things they enjoy i.e. fishing, swimming etc. - developed in time for the party - to use as the centre piece on the table. Create some short fun facts and why not party the night away to a DJ playing some old school songs.

3. Sci-Fi – For anyone who loves sci-fi – Cover the walls in black rubbish sacks with blu-tac. Stick an Earth rise poster in the gap of the window. Make some space ships from old foil pie trays. Use Christmas tree lights for a great illusion. Let your imagination run wild and impress for a fantastic theme, which will not be forgotten.

4. Surprise Birthday Bus – Begin with a surprise dinner for friends and relatives, before jumping on a mystery bus decorated in blown up photocopies of them as a young’un. Have some balloons scanned onto with their face and find some quotes about old age to remenis and have a laugh, as you party the night away.

Oh, and don’t forget the birthday cards – - Beautiful Cards

Many Wishes & Many Celebrations

The Cardly Team

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